The CV of any artist is important and is normally chronoloical in its presentation of a developing body of work. While many of my generation used teaching as the means of earning a living after leaving Art School, mine was a different route, which led to many other occupations and experiences. The 'Archive' page exists as a mini CV and represents an intensive period of personal creative activity from 1969 to 1985. My 'Spot Painting" above, preceeds Damien Hirst's by about 30 years.

From 1975 to 1980 my hobby of skiing had turned into a profession and 20 weeks of working in the French Alps could fund the other 32 weeks painting. In 1980 I took the post of the full time administrator of the Glasgow League of Artists which brought with it a number of media contacts, many of whom became friends and who introduced me to a career in ski journalism, sports illustration and magazine design.

Publishing as well as designing magazines followed, and I formed Front Page Design in my tiny WASPS studio in King Street, Glasgow in 1990. It has grown substantially since then, employing 30 people and with a turnover approaching £3m. I am currently a very occasional part-time non-executive Chairman of Front Page and now free to concentrate on recreating a full time career as an artist.